Puppy Socialization, Dog Manners, Behaviour Modification

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I can now meet clients in person again. Covid restrictions still apply: up to 3 people with the dog, face masks on at  all times, maintaining 6 foot distancing & hand sanitizer is always available. Sanitizing is done between clients
I am still offering live online training using facetime, zoom, google meet,  or facebook messenger. 
Online is the same excellent service I try to give every client except I can't touch your dog. Training is still based on you & your dog's needs (not on a generic course) with scheduled meetings.

contact me        email:      reginewm@gmail.com                phone  519-371-4785

          Classes Available

Puppy : For puppies aged 8 weeks to 14 weeks.
Critical socialization period is from 8 weeks to 14 weeks of age. Not much time to introduce your pup to everything it needs to experience. I can help.
 There is much more to socializing than just going to a 3, 4 or even 6 week puppy class. And a lot of it can be done right in your own home. Learn how in this class.
Plus learn how to crate train, house train, the important bite inhibition, basic obedience and other critical behaviours.

Manners: Teach life skills like listening to the owner (sit, down, stand, come, stay, go to place)all building confidence in your dog. Teaching self control (don't jump up, don't grab food or toys, don't rush over to see other dogs/children/adults). All ages of dogs can benefit.
Adolescent/ adult dogs: For dogs over 14 weeks of age.

For new rescues, adolescents (teenagers) or  you suddenly find out that your dog has some annoying habits. Or maybe you just want to train to entertain a busy dog. I can tailor a program for you.

Reactivity: For dogs that have a hard time coping with life,

Specialty Courses: If your dog is friendly, behaves nicely but just has an issue or two I have specialty courses.
Nail Trimming, no sweat

Grooming, easy peasy

I love vet visits

Email or phone for information & to schedule an appointment.

email:  reginewm@gmail.com   phone:  519-371-4785


                                               We invite dogs into our homes hoping they will be loving, loyal companions.
                                      Unfortunately, without training they can also be destructive and obnoxious, like a spoiled child.
                                                               Do you have any of the problems listed below?


jump up
pull on leash
 not come when called

totally ignore you





not house trained

grabbing your stuff






More dogs are  rehomed or euthanized because of nuisance behaviours, rather than because they bit someone. These nuisance behaviours can become very
frustrating for the owner, if  the owner can't change them. Advice may be plentiful in the form of books, websites, friends, but it is usually contradictory. And worse yet, it may be something the owner either can't do or doesn't want to do.
Dogs are truly amazing creatures. They are capable of adapting themselves to many different living conditions all the while giving unconditional love. They are also able to learn to do  as we ask no matter what the method used to teach them. The choice of training method is up to the owner. So, how to choose?
How about a method based on science? How about a method based on fun? How about a method that strengthens the bond between dog and owner?
How about force free, positive training? My method is all of the above and more.
Force free training can be used by anyone: child or adult, no matter your mobility or state of health. Force free requires that both you and your dog  use your brains to teach and learn. It can be used to teach anything that the dog is physically and emotionally capable of doing. It is great for behavior modification, and there are no limitations on what can be tackled.
From simple obedience for teaching manners to your canine companion, to developing a service dog, or a competition dog, or to modifying unwelcome behaviours, these can all be accomplished in a relaxed atmosphere. Serious training becomes a game that has highly effective results.
Force free and positive do not mean permissive and without rules.

I can help you train your new puppy, your adolescent delinquent, your new rescue, your potential service dog, or just perfect your almost perfect companion.
Don't wait, it won't fix itself!

My place or yours. Also live online training available with Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype/phone calls/ YouTube/  & notes
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