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Testimonial for Regine

 Well what a great surprise to find an exceptional dog trainer as Regine in this area.  When we got our puppy Egor, it was a shock because he was so full of puppy energy but such a lovable addition to our family.  Regine began training Egor when he was about 13 weeks old.  What an amazing transformation.  It was incredible to see results just after one visit. Starting training early was a great advantage to creating a wonderful dog, but without her guidance I'm not sure it would have been so successful.  Now at almost 6 months old, he is so very well behaved.  I was so grateful to have training by Regine when one day Egor broke away from me when I was walking him on a leash.  He ran onto the road – so I followed the steps Regine had trained him on and called him back.  And voila - believe it or not he actually came to me.  We’ve had many Boston Terriers during our lifetime and never would they come when they were called.  They just thought it was a fun chasing game.


Regine uses positive reinforcement training, a process that is easy to follow and really made a lot of sense. It's not based on fear or aggression, which I appreciate.  And it's been great having an experienced professional as our go-to person for any behavior issues.


I highly recommend Regine to anyone who is looking for an excellent dog trainer.  She is a master at this and seems to have a wonderful ability to have the dogs listen, follow commands, and really have fun participating in the training.  Her vast experience and training shines through and the bonus is that I’m trained too!

I highly recommend Regine's online dog training. We had our new dachshund/beagle mix registered for puppy school, but once that got cancelled I contacted Regine to give the online training a try. Regine was so kind, patient and knowledgeable. Her lessons were well organized and clear. She went above and beyond to help us with concerns and its really comforting to know that she is available to help us out more if we need it. I am so thankful!

Lianne V.

“I would highly recommend Regine for Online dog training.

In May, 2020, I called Regine for assistance with my adult Border collie mix. Regine provided clear phone training, easy to follow Online video instruction, and written training summaries.Connecting quickly to Regine and receiving instructions rapidly assured me that I would learn some skill so to deal with the Border collie’s reactivity to other dogs in surprise situations. It was apparent that Regine is very experienced with dogs and deeply knowledgeable about dog behaviour.

Regine provided feedback each week after I practiced the training exercises with my Border collie mix. After 1 training session, my dog began to behave more favourably, in unknown situations. After 2 training sessions, my dog began to use play and to focus on me only, in unknown situations. After 4 training sessions, my dog showed that she was eager to learn, focused in play, and better prepared to face unknown events.The Online and computer-based training from Regine was highly effective.  The training made me feel that Regine was right there in the park with me and my dog.I highly recommend this type of delivery for dog training. 

I won’t hesitate to call Regine of Regine’s Dog Training, when me and my Border collie mix are ready for the next level of training, and another level of confidence!”

Marti, Owen Sound, May 2020.

We would like to write a note of appreciation to Regine for helping us train our puppy, Rex. Rex was adopted by us on March 23rd, 2020 at 9 weeks old in the middle of the Covid – 19 outbreak in Canada. Because of Covid we have been unable to attend training in person so Regine has been training with us online.

While we have both had puppies in the past it has been a very long time since we have raised one. We needed guidance from the start of his time with us, through his early weeks of growth and now as he matures. Regine’s help has been invaluable to us and she has helped us surmount the many challenges that come with parenting a growing and energetic Labrador puppy.

We would highly recommend Regine to anyone that is training a puppy, she has been great.    

G & G


Regine’s online puppy classes were very helpful to start our training at home. Clear written lessons, videos, and live lessons gave us the confidence, that we needed, to start training our puppy. The positive experience, of working with Regine, has laid a strong foundation for continued training. 
Thank you

We contacted Regine, after being referred with glowing references, by a friend.  Our 5mos old Newfie/Mastiff cross, Romeo,  developed a protectiveness while walking on the leash. His increasing size and aggressive barking was intimidating to others and caused us great anxiety while walking him.

Our first session with Regine left us in awe. It was like she worked magic after just one visit!

Regine very clearly explained not only the training exercises, but also the reasoning behind each one.  This helped us to understand the behaviour AND the techniques required to correct them. Her experience and successful established program are evident even after just one visit. With each session, Romeo became a  well mannered and obedient pup. If ever we require any more polishing, or help,  Regine will be my first phone call. I highly recommend her and thank her so very very much for all her work with us.

Nicole G.


Regine has given me the stepping stones to deal with my stubborn Aussie.

Thank you!                   B.H.

I have a pure bred border collie who grew up on a farm and at the age of 6 years, moved to town. Prior to finding Regine, my husband and I were anxious, frustrated and near void of patience. We wasted time and money on bark collars without any results at all. It was awful and discouraging until I heard about Regine. Then our lives changed forever.

Regine rehabilitated our collie from an unpredictable dog to a loving and trusted family member.

Our dog (Jess) had possession problems, leash aggression and was unpredictable around children between certain ages. Regine took her and completely TRANSFORMED our dog into a well-mannered, obedient dog that strangers felt the need to tell me “What a well behaved dog.” Gone are the days of feeling the need to cross the street when we see other dogs. We can give Jess a bone without being fearful she will growl at us. Regine not only gave us the tools to sustain the transformed behaviours but she has continued to provide us with words of wisdom and training. Ultimately, my husband and I have peace of mind.

I will never stop being grateful to Regine for giving us the dog we dreamed of and for providing us with the training on keeping her the perfect dog. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, a million times THANK YOU!!!


Holly W

     I lost my Beagle Frisky when he was 16 yrs old. I didn't think I should get another dog but I started to miss not only the companionship but also our visits to a local nursing home. Frisky was a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog.
      I started checking out adoption sites  and soon came across the sweetest Beagle face: Barley. I was hooked and I adopted him, dreams of Therapy Dog dancing in my head. Reality was that Barley had the nicest nature but no manners. He also didn' like being left alone (not good in a small apartment building especially when it's a lonely beagle bugling). That is when I contacted Regine of Regine's Dog Training.
      She helped me  teach Barley his basic manners and get him ready for his big test. She also gave me numerous tips for dealing with his dislike of being alone. Her positive methods made training a joy for both of us and she was available to take phone calls when I needed help. I would highly recommend Regine.
      By the way: Barley passed his test on the first try 11 months after his  training started.

                                                     Georgina W.

From Mark & Margot

We are fortunate that Bruno came into our lives as an 11 month old St Bernard, great with children and other dogs, and loving his attention and affection.  We soon realized, despite our previous experience with large dogs, that we needed professional help to handle this rambunctious 130 pound puppy whose manners were seriously underdeveloped.  


In our first week of puppy (and owner!) training, Regine showed us how to calmly and positively impact some behaviours.  Bruno quickly learned to stop charging at the door and grabbing for food.  Over the next weeks, we learned techniques to improve Bruno's focus and attention, and are able to quickly deflect or quell his more devilish impulses.  


Sitting with Bruno the other evening, we remarked that we couldn't imagine where we would be if we had not sought professional training help.  It will take more work and commitment, but we have the confidence and tools to ensure that we and Bruno will enjoy each other's company for years to come.


Mark and Margot


Regine, Thank you