Pet, Dog and Puppy Portraits

Regine is a self-taught artist, now residing near Owen Sound, Ontario, who has always enjoyed combining her love of artwork with her love of animals. While she has drawn and painted since childhood, it was not until 1975 that she embarked on a career of painting commissioned pet portraits. As most such things are, it was serendipidity that a friend, who knew of Regine's talent, asked for a portrait of her dog and puppies, before the pups left for their new homes. And so it started. Word of mouth and attendance at various local shows increased her popularity.

Paintings of all manner of pets (dogs, cats, horses, even a pig) are accurately rendered in watercolour. With great attention to detail, Regine captures the very essence of the beloved pets. They seem almost to jump from the paper, their faces showing the same love they show in real life.

Her paintings have travelled the country and the globe, with the capable assistance of Canada Post. Clients send her photos of their cherished pets and Regine returns them with the finished product. Now the internet is adding a new dimension. For more samples view gallery page.
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